The "Cartonificio Sandreschi" was born in 1863 in the valley of Villa Basilica, outpost of modernity in recycled paper and cardboard production.

The production is oriented, right from the beginning, towards cardboard, which was once produced from straw. The latter was left to macerate with lime and a sheet was created thanks to rudimental machines which operated exclusively with hydrolic force; the sheets were then dried in special rooms called "spanditoi", still visible today next to the new machinery.

The Cartonificio Sandreschi, which has always followed technological evolution, was the first firm in the area to adopt steam drying cylinders in the 30ies.

Today the pioneering images of the beginning of the century have been substituted by more modern technologies thanks to which the Cartonificio Sandreschi has been operating for over 140 years in the semi-processed recycled cardboard production sector.

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