The production of the "Cartonificio Sandreschi" is based uniquely on the recycling of macerated paper, and is thus doubly ecological.

If, on the one hand, no tree is cut to produce Sandreschi's products, on the other the firm operates as a big centre for recycling, guaranteeing the re-use of waste, produced daily by firms and consumers.

With the production of the Cartonificio Sandreschi the recycling cycle is complete and, when it ends its function, it comes back to life in a new shape.

Cartonificio Sandreschi s.r.l. - 55019 Villa Basilica (LUCCA) - Via delle Cartiere, 1
P.I. 00132980467 - Tel. +39 0572 43033 - Fax +39 0572 43504 - capitale sociale € 600.000,00 i.v.
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